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    Link to health literacy course

    Health Literacy

    Impact through understanding

    This course was designed to teach fundamental concepts of health literacy to residents, and ultimately, to improve the communication between providers and patients.

    Link to inventory management course

    Concepts of Lean Management

    Foundational supply chain education

    This module introduced the concept of lean management.

    Link to vaccine hesistancy course

    Vaccine Hesistancy

    Conversations and dialogue

    This microlearning gives examples of how pediatricians can discuss vaccines with parents while addressing their concerns through the use of two scenarios.

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    What have I worked on? Here is a sample of statistics from some of my projects.

    4,000 seats

    Subscriptions purchased to self-paced course library

    Team Spirit Award in 2012

    Lead instructional designer on client with 25+ online graduate courses


    Net promoter score for a certificate

    499 Course Registrations

    495 Completions

    Influenza course

    2018 - present

    Certified Professional in Talent Development

    60 new courses

    Managed instructional design for courses over nine term starts with eight instructional designers